Learning Spaces

Collaborate provides instructional labs, presentation and interaction technologies in departmental and general assignment classrooms, campus wireless access to instructional services, and remote access to specialized software.

Instructional Labs

Collaborate's instructional labs support computer-based teaching and learning. Labs can serve as primary teaching locations for a course, or can be reserved for independent student activities. Labs locations include Phelps Hall, Psychology East (LSCF), the Humanities and Social Sciences Building (HSSB), and the Social Sciences and Media Studies (SSMS) building.


Instructional Lab Locations, Features, and Configurations

Reservations & Scheduling

Lab Reservation Form & Weekly Lab Schedules


List of available and installed software on Lab computers

Virtual Computer Lab

Virtual Computer Lab: Remote Access to Academic Software

Classroom Technology

General Assignment and Department Classroom Technology

Wireless Access to Collaborate Services

Collaborate Wireless Projects and Services

Instructional Labs & Department Classrooms

Collaborate provides a variety of instructional lab and departmental teaching space layouts to support different teaching approaches.