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Interested in learning new software? Enjoy designing flyers, graphics, posters, or photos? Need help making a website?
Come learn popular software applications with our software workshops at the Collaborate Student Support Center. Our FREE workshops provide students access to essential skills contributing to proficiency with the software titles taught. Workshops offer can vary from quarter to quarter based on attendence and suggestions - if you don't see one you like suggest it!

These workshops are for current UCSB students ONLY. Beyond that, there is no need to signup; just show up at the time, date, and place of your desired workshop. There are a limited number of seats available so get there early!

Spring 2019 Free Student Workshops Schedule

Room: SSMS 1301 (Unless otherwise noted)
Time: 7pm - 9pm

Wednesday 4/24 - Linkedin: Maximize your networking and professional connections.

Thursday 4/25 - MS Word [SSMS 1302]: Improve your writing and formatting options with this workshop.

Wednesday 5/1 - Python I: Come learn the basics of Python scripting from our staff.

Thursday 5/2 - RStudio: Find out how to program with R.

Wednesday 5/8 - Python II: Expand your Python skills with this workshop.

Thursday 5/9 - Jupyter Notebooks: Come get introduced to Jupyter and all it can do for you.

Wednesday 5/15 - Photoshop I (Editing a Photo): Edit and enhance photos that are ready for social media.

Thursday 5/16 - Excel I (Basics and Budgeting): Gain a basic understanding of Excel's basics and how you can use that in budgeting.

Wednesday 5/22 - Photoshop II (Designing with Photoshop): Learn to add graphics and text to photos for promotions and infographics.

Thursday 5/23 - Excel II (Analysis): Introduction to finding meaning from analyzing your data.

Wednesday 5/29 - Illustrator I (Logo Design): Design logos and stickers using Illustrator.

Thursday 5/30 - Illustrator II (Designing for Merchandise/Apparel): Learn the skills needed to design your own T-shirts and apparel.

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Email, or visit any of our help desks (PHELPS 1521, PSYCH 1804, MUSIC 1401, or HSSB 1203).

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Quick Reference Sheets (QRS)

Quick Reference Sheets

These PDFs are Quick Reference Sheets that show how to carryout specific tasks following simple steps in multiple software titles.