Governance & Campus Coordination

Collaborate/ITEI Fee Advisory Committee

Oversight for Collaborate services is provided by the Deans of the College of Letters and Science. In support of this, the Collaborate/ITEI Fee Advisory Committee meets regularly to ensure student and faculty input into the prioritization of Collaborate projects. As originally comprised, the Advisory Committee includes six students (from the three L&S divisions, Associated Students, the Graduate Student Association, and the Student Fee Advisory Committee), six faculty (two from each of the L&S divisions), and six ex officio members from the College and Budget Office staff.

The Advisory Committee is co-chaired by the College Assistant Dean for Academic Technology and the Assistant Dean for Academic Administration.

Fall 2016

  • Pierre Wiltzius
  • Executive Dean of Letters and Science

Co-Coordinators of Advisory Committee

L&S Assistant Dean for Academic Technology Richard Kip (Director of L&S Information Technology)
L&S Assistant Dean for Academic Administration Barbara Gilkes

Letters and Science Faculty Representatives

Mathematical, Life, and
Physical Sciences

Rolf Christoffersen (Department of Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology)

Kalju Kahn (Department of Chemistry)

Humanities & Fine Arts

Karen Lunsford (Writing Program)


Social Sciences

Zachary Grossman (Department of Economics)

Laury Oaks (Chair, Department of Feminist Studies)

Student Representatives

Associated Students

Haley Ferrera

Student Fee Advisory Committee

Buki Akinyemi

Graduate Student Association

Audrey Abeyta

College of Letters and Science

Nethra Raman (Humanities & Fine Arts)

Kristina Krasnikova (Social Sciences)

Jake Guida  (Mathematical, Life, and Physical Sciences)

Staff Representatives

Director of Advising, Letters & Science

Joe O’Brien, Assistant Dean 

Income & Recharge Committee


College of Letters & Science

Cathy Pollock, Assistant Dean for College Administration

Letters & Science Information Technology

Lisa Klock, Director of Finance and Operations