Digitization Service

Collaborate supports the creation of instructional digital materials for use in the classroom and on GauchoSpace sites for Letters and Science courses. These materials include:

  • Text (e.g., online course readers)
  • Scanned images, photos, drawings, and graphic artwork in digital formats
  • Film, video, and sound materials (e.g., digitized excerpts of existing works, or production of new materials)
  • Captioning and transcription of materials for improved accessibility
  • Creation or compilation of discipline-specific course materials for online or classroom use

Requests should be made as early as possible, no later than four weeks before the material is needed. Production and digitization processes can take a significant amount of time, including a review of compliance with copyright and accessibility policies, and coordination with on and off campus service providers. Late requests will be processed on a “best effort” basis.

To request digital materials for instruction, please provide the following information in the help request form:

  1. Requestor and contact info
  2. Instructor(s) and contact info (if different than #1)
  3. Course(s) / Quarter(s)
  4. Number of students enrolled
  5. A description of the target digital materials and plan for usage
  6. Source of the desired materials
  7. Additional info on copyright status of materials (e.g., is it instructor owned or public domain?)

Consultation is available to assist with gathering the information needed to process the request.

Requests will be evaluated based on:

  • instructional goals
  • cost versus impact
  • alignment with curriculum planning processes
  • the ability to create the materials in time for the target use
  • adherence to relevant campus policies.
  • Note: There may be alternate funding sources available for some projects which are beyond the scope of this service.