Collaborative Classroom - Phelps 1529


It's been almost a year since Phelps lab 1529 was transformed from a traditional classroom format to a flexible collaborative layout and the feedback from both instructors and students has been extremely positive! 
Computers are installed along the walls of the classroom on height-adjustable mounts with chairs that roll up to each station. These wall mounts allow an instructor to easily view all of the students at their computers from the podium and be able to quickly help individuals. But since the chairs are also mobile, students can now be moved into groups in the room, into a discussion circle, blocks or into traditional rows. The chairs themselves are also divided into different colors, giving the instructor the option of creating groups by color for shared projects. 
The classroom also includes a pilot software program called Insight which allows the instructor to quick and easy manage or control computers in the classroom. The instructor can also share their desktop with the class, push a web link, open a program or share a student's desktop on the projector's screen. A student can text a question to the instructor and get a reply without interrupting the class or the instructor can access a student's computer for one-on-one help. Insight also gives the the instructor the ability to monitor all user activity from the convenience of their podium.  They can blank student screens, lock keyboard and mouse movement to get attention or turn off internet access to certain sites or altogether during an exam.


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News Date: 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014